This site is about the subversive, the strange, the peculiar around us.
It is about things that we do not see, until they are captured with a camera. For many years I have been hunting this world of absurd to share it with you. So, welcome and enjoy the show!

Irakly Shanidze



Ballet is something from an alternative universe, or from the other side of Alice’s mirror, if you will. Yet, it is performed by real people. Take a peek.

Things that never happened

This is my recipe for social adaptation. Proceed at your own risk.


Did you know that portraiture is psychotherapy in pictures?


Welcome to my new site!

As much as I liked the original design of www.shanidze.com created by unbelievably talented Olesya Kuklina, it was time to turn the page. “King is dead, long live the King!” Please come and play!


This is me, Irakly. I take pictures and race sailboats. Also I do creative direction and advertising photography for living. All pictures on this site I took either by myself, or with my students who I teach photography and creative thinking.